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Get Your Adsense Earning Increased with 4 Simple Ways

1. Increase blog traffic. The most important way to increase your Adsense earning is to generate more traffic into your blog. Even though isn’t easy job but there are no better way if you really want to see your Adsense business growing. To increase traffic into your blog, you need to consider about quality of content. Other than that you need keep your blog updated by making regular post. Your content should be topical, original and unique. If you like networking is a good thing to do campaign for your blog. Try also to master about SEO [search engine optimization]

2. Less ads more content. The most common mistake for many blogger who want to monetize their blog is putting too many ads on blog page. Remember, visitor come to find your blog because you provide the content, not Google Adsense. If your ads luckily get clicked because the found relevant ads to the content – or may be make them interested to click.

3. Placing and position. Your blog may receive huge traffic, but if you don’t consider putting ads on targeted area, your effort to increase Adsense earning will not just that easy. Don’t hide your and but don’t over exposure. It best of you can make a smooth combination with the content in term of font, color and style. Look for suitable ads format.

4. Choose topic in High CTR rate. As click per ad is different from other- some low and some high – you better look for topic high-CTR. if you are not familiar with high CTR topic, you may make queries through search engines with relevant keywords. If you really concern CTR, it will make different at the end of your earning as it starting from $0.01 right up to $3.5 per click. If you have the same number of click on your ads with different CTR, you should consider of choosing right topic to increase your Adsense revenue.Happy blogging!

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